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My family and I had a lovely time in Sleepy Hollow this afternoon! It’s so picturesque, and spiced, and autumn. And unlike last years visit, I went this time filled with Sleepy Hollow fandom love.

When Headless showed, I was so surprised to hear my parents reduced to more of a crazed fangirl than I am! My dad is still talking about it. And headless was so polite, which is pretty hilarious! I bought a cool Ichabod tee shirt, and the sales woman said they tried to get the cast out there but were unsuccessful. Let’s get them there, guys!

Before leaving I went to a cafe called Coffee Labs, and since there are no Starbucks’ in SH, this is where Abbie would’ve taken Crane to get his pumpkin spice latte. :-). Happy Fandom!

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